• It really is this simple
    to create a Swiss company!

  • Procedure

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    The first step is to define exactly what you want from the project and the creation of your new company

    We usually set up a meeting with the founder, his advisers, a Swiss lawyer and where necessary with the tax consultants involved here in Zug, which we also of course attend.

    If the creation of the business is already definite and if the last details were able to be settled in advance by telephone, then the creation of the business can already be carried out that very day by a Swiss notary. A few days later, your company will be up and running.

    Around two weeks later, we may have a second meeting if you wish to be present at our discussions with the bank or if the bank wishes to get to know you personally.

    We will carry out all the necessary administrative work for you. 

    The various legal aspects will be handled by our Swiss lawyers in cooperation with you and/or your representation, and once the business has been created, we will continue to look after all on-going processes for your company in Switzerland.

    Should you only wish to create a domicile, the procedure is even more simple. Only one visit to Zug is required and all the necessary details can be settled on the same day, though you may have to return certain documents to us afterwards.