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    How would you like a Swiss subsidiary?

    We work together with domestic and international legal firms and tax advisers, trustee's offices and consultants to manage activities for businesses and businesspeople. We have been managing and administrating businesses, holding companies, subsidiaries, branch offices and domiciles in Switzerland reliably and efficiently for over 35 years.

    Sielva Management SA will take on administrative tasks and board of directors and executive management functions in Swiss locations for you and your clients. Whether you are looking for a classic domicile (postal address), a subsidiary or a representative office, we will be happy to find what the best solution is for you. As well as our product packages, we also of course offer tailor-made service solutions.

    Clean companies

    You can be sure that you are in safe hands with us! Sielva Management SA has absolutely no involvement in any activities which are illegal as far as either Swiss or international law is concerned. We do not support any criminal, money-laundering or terrorist activities. Our services are based on the principal of "clean companies" which protects both you and us from any unpleasant surprises or unexpected problems. We have legal solutions to offer which will benefit both you and us together!